Friday Fun Five

Happy Friday! Please enjoy this Best of Friday Fun Five post featuring Alyssa Cole, Tere Michaels, K.A. Mitchell, Kate McMurray, and Rayna Vause. Thanks, everyone!


1) Alyssa, if you could bring one fantasy creature to life which would you choose?

Okay, this question has one obvious answer: Falkor the luck dragon from The Neverending Story. He’s cute, furry, and I’d never have to worry about airfare again.

2) Tere: Castle or cottage?

Cottage. Castles are too drafty and I would spend all my time muttering about the heating bill while stomping about wearing a blanket like a cape.

3) K.A.: Sunny spring day or rainy fall day?

Rainy fall day, please. Love them. Give me a drive and rain and fall and some Chris Cornell coming out of my speakers, and I’m in heaven.

4) What is your favorite word, Kate?

Well, James Lipton, the first one that came to mind was “pomegranate.” I like a multisyllabic word.

5) You’re getting treated to lunch every day for always–but the meal will always be the same. What’s on the menu?

Tough question. There are so many yummy things to eat on a regular basis. I think I’d have to go with a variety of breakfast foods. Pancakes, waffles, omelets, the works. Of course, I’d need dessert too. The Borders near where I went to college used to sell these chocolate coated walnut brownies. Those would have to be included oh and Daiquiri Ice. It’s this sorbet like creation from Baskin Robbins that has lime in it with a hint of rum flavoring. Yum.

friday fun five teaFriday Fun Five is a weekly feature hosted by Elle Brownlee where she poses a different batch of five fun questions to various people in the writing world.


Friday Fun Five

Happy Friday! This week’s guests are Matt and Evan. Thanks, Matt and Evan.

To know more about Matt and Evan, check out the Faith, Love, & Devotion series by Tere Michaels. Book six–the final book–of the series is now available from Dreamspinner Press.


1) What’s your favorite time of day?

Matt: Bedtime!
Evan: My quiet time in the car, going to work.
Matt: Liar.

2) If you weren’t able to live in NYC where would you put up with being instead?

Matt: Westchester.
Evan: Maybe New Jersey.
Matt: Now you’re just trying to get a rise out of me.

3) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Evan: Police commissioner.
Matt: Spoiling our grandchildren and shooing boys away from my goddaughters.

4) What word best describes you?

Matt: I get to pick for Evan. I like stalwart.
Evan: That’s unsexy.
Matt: Hot ass stalwart is too many words.
Evan: Matt is incorrigible.

5) How many times do you say “sorry” before it’s too many?

Matt: This problem can be solved by never saying sorry.
Evan: Or by apologizing via other means.
Matt: He means blowjobs.

Reeling from the recent death of his wife, police officer Evan Cerelli looks at his four children and can only see how he fails them. His loving wife was the caretaker and nurturer, and now the single father feels himself being crushed by the pain of loss and the heavy responsibility of raising his kids.faithfidelity
At the urging of his partner, Evan celebrates a coworker’s retirement and meets disgraced former cop turned security consultant Matt Haight. A friendship born out of loneliness and the solace of the bottle turns out to be exactly what they both need.
The past year has been a slow death for Matt Haight. Ostracized from his beloved police force, facing middle age and perpetual loneliness, Matt sees only a black hole where his future should be. When he discovers another lost soul in Evan, some of the pieces he thought he lost start to fall back in place. Their friendship turns into something deeper, but love is the last thing either man expected, and both of them struggle to reconcile their new and overwhelming feelings for one another.
Fast forward a couple of years (and books) – Matt and Evan are continuing to live their lives together, with new careers and career paths, more teenagers than you can shake a stick at and a host of friends who need constant care and feeding.

Friday Fun Five

Happy Friday! This week’s guest is Tere Michaels. Thanks, Tere!

To get to know Tere, check out, visit her on Facebook (Tere Michaels) or connect via Twitter (@TereMichaels). Her newest book “Cherish & Blessed” is part of her Faith, Love & Devotion series. Find all her books at Dreamspinner.


1) Which element would you choose to have the power to manipulate?

Time! Because I never seem to have enough of it.

2) Castle or cottage?

Cottage. Castles are too drafty and I would spend all my time muttering about the heating bill while stomping about wearing a blanket like a cape.

3) Dot-to-dot or paint-by-number?

Dot-to-dot – man, I used to love those things! I tried my hand at paint-by-number but, if I recall correctly, my horse looked like he was melting. So you know, stick to dots and a ballpoint pen.

4) What is your favorite word?

Oh my gosh, that’s such a hard one!

I think I’ll go with “love.” It’s my business, it’s my birthday (Valentine’s Day!), it’s my favorite thing to confirm with my husband and son. Acts of love can change someone’s day or their destiny and whatever the flip side, the world is still so much better off with it in existence.

5) If you could visit any place in any time, where would you go?

I would like to be sitting in Mission Control, watching the moon landing happen in real time. I can’t even imagine the awe and excitement – we did this, we made it happen, this impossible dream. We took what people assumed was a fanciful act of fiction for so long and made it a reality. Could you imagine? I would love to experience that moment in time.

Tere Michaels unofficially began her writing career at the age of four when she learned that people got paid to write stories. It seemed the most perfect and logical job in the world and after that, her path was never in question. (The romance writer part was written in the stars—she was born on Valentine’s Day.) Her home base is a small town in New Jersey outside NYC, a city she dearly loves. She shares tereher life with her husband, her teenaged son—who will just not stop growing—and two exceedingly spoiled cats. Nothing makes her happier than knowing she made a reader laugh or smile or cry. It’s the purpose of sharing her work with people. She loves hearing from fans and fellow writers, and is always available for speaking engagements, visits and workshops.