Friday Fun Five

Happy Friday! Please enjoy this Best of Friday Fun Five post featuring Taylor V. Donovan, Katana Collins, Joyfully Jay, Amy Lane, and Hayley Peterson. Thanks, everyone!


1) Taylor, what food do you make that’s your specialty?

I actually have two specialties. The first one is lasagna. The second is yellow rice with honey barbecue pork ribs and potato salad, Puerto Rican style. Our recipe includes apples, which is something I haven’t seen anywhere else. It’s delicious!

2) Katana: Tom Waits or Tom Jones?

I feel like Tom Waits would be the “cooler” answer, but I really love me some Tom Jones!

3) Jay: Art or science museum?

Science. I am lucky enough to live outside of Washington, DC where I have access to the many fabulous free museums.  I am a huge fan of the Air & Space museum and Natural History. I even like those discovery hands-on kind of places for the kids. When I travel to new cities, I always try to hit a museum there as well. I recently had a great time at the Field museum in Chicago. While I can appreciate art, I have never really been a big fan of art museums.

4) What is your favorite word, Amy?

Any combination of swearwords is all win for me!

5) Dreams come true in less than ideal settings sometimes–awkward time or awkward place, for example–has this happened to you, Hayley?

Absolutely! This is actually my favorite story to tell because it makes me so happy. I moved to Manchester, UK from Vancouver, Canada a couple years ago to try my hand at working in theatre production (stage management, sound design, etc.) and was working in a restaurant to pay the bills while working a few theatre gigs. While I had some good times and friends at the restaurant, the environment was less than pleasant at times and not exactly what I wanted to do as a career.  In addition, after working a bit of theatre, I was beginning to realize that I didn’t want to make a career out of it as I thought I had so I was feeling a bit stuck.

One evening I was working my usual dinner shift when Elizabeth North, Ariel Tachna, and all of the lovely DSP badasses walk in for a table after a long day at the UK Fiction Meet. I ended up serving them and we seemed to hit it off. They ended up coming back 2 days later and I was able to serve them again. Things ended up going so well that in the end, Elizabeth offered me a job with DSP. I learned 2 things that night. 1. Dreams come true when you don’t even expect it. For example, this job. And 2. Giving nice customers extra Sticky Toffee Pudding always pays off.

friday fun five teaFriday Fun Five is a weekly feature hosted by Elle Brownlee where she poses a different batch of five fun questions to various people in the writing world.


Friday Fun Five

Happy Friday! This week’s guest is Katana Collins. Thanks, Katana!

To know more about Katana Collins, check out her blog at, or see what she’s up to on twitter (@KatanaCollins). Her latest book, the first in an erotic suspense series, Wicked Exposure hits the shelves on April 28th!

wicked exposure

1) What everyday rituals start your morning?

As a pet mommy, a lot of my “rituals” are more like duties. =) But my husband and I managed to make the mundane more enjoyable. I used to hate the first morning dog walks–I was always half asleep and cranky and especially in the winters, I was just miserable to be outside! But after our dog Red was diagnosed with cancer, it really made both Sean and I stop taking all those little moments for granted. Suddenly, those annoying morning walks were little gifts of time that we treasured. And so Sean and I instated what we call the “coffee walks” in which we make coffee, feed the animals, put the coffee in a to go cup and take the dogs for a 30 minute walk. It’s an amazing start to our day and a great way for us to connect without any electronic distractions. We lost Red to cancer back in June and have since adopted a new puppy (who requires a LOT more walks, haha). But even though Red has passed, the coffee walks are here to stay.

2) Tom Waits or Tom Jones?

I feel like Tom Waits would be the “cooler” answer, but I really love me some Tom Jones!

3) Woodsy cabin or five-star hotel?

Hotel. Now, if you had said a cozy cottage or five-star hotel, I would have had a bigger debate in my head… but I’ve only ever been camping once as a kid and I was sent home early because I spent the whole weekend crying because I saw a spider! Lol, yeah, I hate admitting that story, but it’s true.

4) What is your favorite word?

Ahhh! There’s so many. And it changes constantly. Pontificate is a fun one. Reticent, clandestine. But if you asked my husband, he would say that the F-bomb is my favorite based on how much I use it!

5) Say personal safety is not an issue. What natural phenomena would you like to experience up close?

If I was guaranteed no harm… I would love to be in a tornado. I’d finally know what it felt like to fly and it would probably feel a bit like a roller coaster if you took the fear out it.

Katana Collins splits her time evenly between photographing boudoir portraits and writing steam-your-glasses romances. katanaShe is the author of the best-selling paranormal Soul Stripper trilogy, the erotic suspense series, Wicked Exposure, the graphic novel, Cafe Racer, and the small town contemporary romance Maple Grove series. She and her comic book artist husband commute back and forth between Brooklyn, New York and Portland, Maine, with their ever-growing family of rescue animals (two dogs, a cat, and counting!). She can usually be found hunched over her laptop in a cafe, guzzling gallons of coffee, and wearing fabulous (albeit sometimes impractical) shoes.