Friday Fun Five

Happy Friday! In the spirit and celebration of Halloween, this week is a special Spooky edition of Friday Fun Five.


Five writers each answer these two Spooky questions:

1) What was your best/favorite Halloween costume as a kid?
2) What is your favorite spooky word?

Lyla Bellatas

1) My favorite costume was this ballet outfit I had. Light blue satin. I still remember it. Tulle, short skirt. Loved it. I usually like witchy outfits but this year my husband and I are going to be painted Day of the Dead.
2) Witch. Magick Spell.

Elle Brownlee

1) One year the weather was awful: cold with sleet and whipping wind. Instead of wearing our long-planned costumes, I put on my snowsuit, added a black trashbag like a poncho over the top, and donned the ballcap we bought for my dad as a gag gift–a moose head and antlers. My sister got into a huge plaid coat, a hat with earflaps, and carried a stick. We were the Moose and Hunter! We ended up having the best time; people loved the weather-savvy costumes, and since not many other trick-or-treaters braved the weather, so we scored a ton of candy too.
2) Preternatural. Wraith. Macabre.

Alyssa Cole

1) My fave costume was my kindergarten mermaid costume that my mom sewed herself and which made me feel like a *real* mermaid. Except for the not knowing how to swim part.
2) My fave spooky word: tintinabulation. Not spooky in itself, but it’s always had a sinister bent to me after reading it in a work by Edgar Allen Poe.

Poppy Dennison

1) Strawberry Shortcake (wouldn’t you know! *g*).
2) Ghastly.

Kate McMurray

1) When I was 12 or 13, I went as a cow with a halo, or a holy cow. I made the costume myself; I was pretty proud of that.
2) Creepy was the first thing that came to mine, but eerie and spine-tingling are good ones, too.



Friday Fun Five

Happy Friday! Please enjoy this Best of Friday Fun Five post featuring Alyssa Cole, Tere Michaels, K.A. Mitchell, Kate McMurray, and Rayna Vause. Thanks, everyone!


1) Alyssa, if you could bring one fantasy creature to life which would you choose?

Okay, this question has one obvious answer: Falkor the luck dragon from The Neverending Story. He’s cute, furry, and I’d never have to worry about airfare again.

2) Tere: Castle or cottage?

Cottage. Castles are too drafty and I would spend all my time muttering about the heating bill while stomping about wearing a blanket like a cape.

3) K.A.: Sunny spring day or rainy fall day?

Rainy fall day, please. Love them. Give me a drive and rain and fall and some Chris Cornell coming out of my speakers, and I’m in heaven.

4) What is your favorite word, Kate?

Well, James Lipton, the first one that came to mind was “pomegranate.” I like a multisyllabic word.

5) You’re getting treated to lunch every day for always–but the meal will always be the same. What’s on the menu?

Tough question. There are so many yummy things to eat on a regular basis. I think I’d have to go with a variety of breakfast foods. Pancakes, waffles, omelets, the works. Of course, I’d need dessert too. The Borders near where I went to college used to sell these chocolate coated walnut brownies. Those would have to be included oh and Daiquiri Ice. It’s this sorbet like creation from Baskin Robbins that has lime in it with a hint of rum flavoring. Yum.

friday fun five teaFriday Fun Five is a weekly feature hosted by Elle Brownlee where she poses a different batch of five fun questions to various people in the writing world.

Friday Fun Five

Happy Friday! This week begins a new feature I’ve dreamed up to host: Friday Fun Five. Five fun questions I’ll pose to various people in the writing world. Every Friday there will be a new guest and a new set of questions. Huge hugs and thanks to the delightful Alyssa Cole for helping me kick things off!

To know more about Alyssa, check out or see what she’s up to on twitter (@AlyssaColeLit). Her latest literary triumphs are Radio Silence and Agnes Moor’s Wild Knight and are available here.


Friday Fun Five: Q&A

1) If you could bring one fantasy creature to life which would you choose?

Okay, this question has one obvious answer: Falkor the luck dragon from The Neverending Story. He’s cute, furry, and I’d never have to worry about airfare again.


2) Do you have a green thumb or a black thumb?

I am a plant killer. Whereas plants begin blooming when my mom walks by, I didn’t inherit that trait. Some of my plants have jumped out of their pots rather than be under my care.

3) IKEA and Pottery Barn decor or a mix of antiques and thrift store finds?

IKEA! Mostly for the meatballs.

4) What’s your favorite word?

Judging from the word I have to cut out of my manuscripts the most: ministrations.

5) Say there’s no limit on budget or materials. Design your dream piece of jewelry.

Ooo! The first piece of real jewelry I ever got to pick for myself was a full-finger ring that looked like it was from a suit of armor. I’d try to recreate that, but I’d have all of my favorite literary quotes inscribed in tiny lettering on the ring.

Alyssa Cole is a science editor, pop culture nerd, and romance junkie who splits her time between fast-paced NYC and island-paced life in the Caribbean. In addition to writing, she founded and hosted the Jefferson Market Library Romance Book Club, in addition toAlyssa and Girly teaching Romance Writing for Beginners.  When she’s not busy writing, traveling, and learning French, she can be found watching anime with her real-life romance hero.