Friday Fun Five

Happy Friday! Today’s guest is Macky from Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews. Thanks, Macky!

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1) Is there any one thing you simply can’t travel without?

Well, the first thought that comes to mind is clothes (haha) but if we’re talking gadgets then as an avid reader, it’s got to be my preciousssssssss Kindle: “Sophie”, named in memory of my favourite fur baby who is now sadly in pussy cat heaven.  Holidays, car journeys, shopping, doctors, dentist…the loo…where I go, she goes.

2) White water rafting or lake pontoon float?

I’ll go for the less turbulent lake pontoon float… White water rafting sounds exciting but I don’t think they do life jackets for Kindles do they?  *Grins*

3) Around the house: fresh cut flowers in vases or tons of potted plants?

Oh definitely fresh cut, although I much prefer to see flowers thriving in their natural habitat. Unfortunately when it comes to anything growing in soil,  my thumbs are more ‘black death’ (*gulp*) than the proverbial green so I tend to admire potted plants from afar…and I mean afar! Too close and I can wilt a plant just by breathing on it!

4) What is your favorite word?

Actually I have two—Harrumph and Pshaw! Lol, granted you don’t see them used much, and I’ve yet to hear anybody actually utter those exact words, but somehow when you see them written down in the right context, they do seem to perfectly express what they’re meant to portray. Personally I don’t think we Harrumph or Pshaw enough nowadays! 😉

5) If you had unlimited access to any ancient monument, where would you explore?

Definitely somewhere mystical and spiritual like Stonehenge. I can only imagine how amazing it must feel, visiting and exploring somewhere so ancient. Steeped in mythology and lore, the atmosphere must be palpable in a place as mysterious as that. Although knowing my luck I’d probably anger the spirits of the Druids and end up unleashing the pagan god of a thousand pustulating pimples! So perhaps not! Disneyland’s been around a long time hasn’t it? Perhaps I’d be safer exploring there! Lol.