Friday Fun Five

Happy Friday! This week’s guest is Kade Boheme. Thanks, Kade.

To know more about Kade Boheme, check out his blog, or find him on Twitter  (@kaderadenurface) and Facebook. His latest literary triumph is Good Enough, available here.


1) If you could create a minor holiday, what would it celebrate?

Haha, it’s funny because we were just joking on my facebook the other day about how January would be Kademas because it’s my birthday, the anniversary of my first published book (Wide Awake 1st Ed, 2013), and the anniversary of my first #1 book on Amazon’s Gay Romance & LGBT Erotica Category (also for Wide Awake). But celebrating me for a whole month seems a little egotistical haha.

I’d much rather add Britney Spears’s birthday (December 2) as a national holiday. J/s.

2) Find-a-Word or Dot-to-Dot?

Find-a-word. I LOVE find-a-words. Dot-to-dots make my eyes hurt haha. But I still buy books of word searches from 5Below haha. When I was in 5th grade, I had a teacher who did different things to help us with our spelling words and every once in a while she used a Find-a-word generator to make them for our week’s vocabulary lesson and I was that nerdy (and proud) kid who asked her what website I could use to make my own haha.

3) A little bit of cake and a lot of frosting or a little bit of frosting and a lot of cake?

Little bit of frosting, lot of cake. I’m not a huge sweets person. The only frosting I really like is cream cheese frosting. Buttercream is too much for me. But that cake. *swoon* Strawberry or Red Velvet and you win my heart haha.

4) What is your favorite word?

I’d say discombobulate. Mostly, cuz I’m usually discombobulated, but also because it’s fun to say haha.

5) Where are you going to draw inspiration from for new things the new year?

Probably the same as always: people and places. I’m such a details person and I’ve always prided myself in being crazy observant (yeah, my friends love it haha). I’m fascinated by those little things that make humans tick, and in my stories I like knowing how a person might actually respond to something or those actions that make a conversation or interaction seem more real. I love meeting people and seeing how different their world is from mine. Humans are the most interesting thing ever to me—even if I find them equally frustrating.

Kade Boehme is a southern boy without the charm, but all the sass. kadeCurrently residing in New York City, he lives off of ramen noodles and too much booze. He is the epitome of dorkdom, only watching TV when Rachel Maddow or one of his sports teams is on. Most of his free time is spent dancing, arguing politics or with his nose in a book. He is also a hardcore Britney Spears fangirl and has an addiction to glitter. It was after writing a short story about boys who loved each other for a less than reputable adult website that he found his true calling, and hopefully a bit more class. He hopes to write about all the romance that he personally finds himself allergic to but that others can fall in love with. He maintains that life is real and the stories should be, as well.


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