Do Good November.15

Every month I feature a way to give back by sharing things I’ve found meaningful to champion. November is when we start thinking about the holidays, and planning for the good times soon upon us. Some people who look to these holidays feel more than happy anticipation–there’s the stress of wondering where their next meal is going to come from, never mind their Thanksgiving feast. Family-to-Family provides many ways to help these families have better holidays, and better lives every day.

Ways to give: Turkey Drive || Stuff a Shirt for the Homeless at Thanksgiving || Donate


Mission Statement:

Family-to-Family (F-to-F) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3), non-profit national hunger and poverty relief organization dedicated to connecting, one-to-one, families with enough to share to impoverished American families with profoundly less. Our program creates a bridge between communities with “more” and some of our country’s poorest areas.

Our members give in a variety of ways. Some welcome the concrete responsibility of shopping, packing, and sending a monthly carton of non-perishable groceries that will provide 7 dinner-type meals to the family they “sponsor”. Some shop for and send only the “monthly drive items” – non-food basic necessities – while contributing a monthly donation to F-to-F, which we use to purchase groceries locally for “their” family.

F-to-F purchases groceries at discounted rates from a constellation of large chain supermarkets and Feeding America food banks to provide food for the families we serve. Each receiving family picks up or has delivered, the box packed especially for them from a community partner in their area, each of whom is affiliated with a local food pantry, outreach organization, school or church.

In an effort to create “possibilities”, F-to-F encourages donors and recipients to connect and communicate when possible and comfortable. We suggest donors reach out to the family we have linked them to with a letter…and often sponsored families write back. We hope that by creating a bond of friendship between families who would otherwise never have had the opportunity to connect, lives will be changed for the better, even if ever so slightly. Currently, F-to-F provides over 12,000 meals per month to over 1,800 struggling moms, dads and kids in 12 states across the U.S.A.

In addition to our core family sponsorship program,   F-to-F has created a constellation of additional giving opportunities, all designed to provide kids, families and adults with meaningful, hands-on giving experiences.


Happy giving, in whatever way you choose to better your world!


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