Friday Fun Five

Happy Friday! This week’s guest is Lyla Bellatas. Thanks, Lyla.

To know more about Lyla Bellatas, check out or see what she’s up to on twitter (@LylaBellatas). Her latest literary triumphs: She’s shopping No Fear, her first book in the Racing Hearts Series, and Spell Bound, her first book in The Enchanted Candles Series and hopes to be published soon.

Racing Hearts

1) Which season do you enjoy the most?

I love Autumn. I love the colors. The leaves, the cloudless blue skies and cool Canadian breeze. Besides my birthday is in September.

2) Armadillos or sloths?

Definitely Sloths. With resting happy face and smeared eye liner they look like they had a wild night and could not care less what other people think. No walk of shame for them. And with Taurus Rising I can’t help but admire their ability to make hanging out a priority.

3) Hostess or Drake’s Cakes?

Drakes except I haven’t had one since I was in elementary school. I used to love Ring Dings and those CoffeeCakes. Unwrapping a Ring Ding was such a sensual act. All that chocolatey goodness in a compact tin foil wrapped package that was surprisingly weighty. Yum.

4) What is your favorite word?

The first word that came to mind is egregious! I know… it’s a strange one to pick but so perfect, unfortunately, to so many things these days. From a sound perspective I like the way it rolls off my tongue.

5) If you could relive one day from your past, when would you go back to?

The birth of our daughter was a tremendous day, but the prevailing emotion was relief. Joy, yes but mostly relief like at the end of a grueling marathon. I actually fell asleep on the operating table after she was born. The doctor and her staff had a good laugh. She said she’d never had a mother fall asleep. I said I hadn’t slept for over a year trying to conceive her and throughout the difficult multi-911-call filled pregnancy. Even the birth ended up in an emergency C. So after we counted her fingers and toes I fell asleep.

The day I would love to relive was our wedding day. The emotion that best describes it is Pure Bliss. It was a spectacular day; it rained a little in the early morning and then the sun came out and it was gorgeous, which was good because our reception was outside at my parents’ house. I was so happy and excited. I had waited such a long time to find my husband–scoured endlessly searching–and once we met I knew that moment I’d found him and I couldn’t wait to be married.

I asked my husband which day he would relive… he wanted to relive our two-week honeymoon. I said you can only pick ONE day! He said our wedding day. But we absolutely need to have a honeymoon do-over. The Greek Islands and Lake Lugano are stunning.

Born Armenian American on Long Island’s Gold coast, Lyla defies convention. Lyla BellatasShe plays like a man in a man’s world but is always a woman. In a time where style often matters more than substance, she’s fierce, fun, and fearless. Lyla’s passions have led to many outlets. She is a high-performance race car driver and driving instructor, poker player, and loves to shoot pool. She was gifted her first tarot deck during a chance encounter in an elevator. Innately empathic and claircognizant, tarot unlocked the natural witch within. Lyla has taught tarot and pessomancy (reading stones), and read professionally, collecting stories along the way. She still reads with or without a deck when the moon shines just right. Lyla writes contemporary and paranormal romances with strong female heroines that shatter gender boundaries while following their own line, and the men who respect and love them. They are bold and fierce navigating the duality of being strong, powerful, and ever divinely feminine.