Friday Fun Five

Happy Friday! This week’s guest is Rayna Vause. Thanks, Rayna!

To know more about Rayna Vause, check out or see what she’s up to on twitter (@Rayna_Vause). Her latest literary triumph is the sale of her urban fantasy novel, Demon of Mine, to Dreamspinner Press. Rayna is also the organizer of the Create Something Magical writers’ and readers’ convention, an annual event in Iselin, New Jersey. This year’s conference takes place March 21-22. For details visit


1) Is there a specific quote, essay, or even fortune cookie you once read that’s really stayed with you?

“Well behaved women seldom make history.” by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. This quote appeals to my inner rebel and my sense of adventure. I guess this explains why I’m always being accused of being a trouble maker.

2) Jewel tones or earth tones?


3) Snakes or spiders?

Absolutely snakes. When I was in high school, I volunteered in the Live Animal Unit at the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences. The LAU was home to a variety of animals most of which couldn’t return to the wild due to injury or domestication. In the unit, they had a room that just housed snakes and lizards. While I was working there I got the opportunity to handle ball pythons and boa constrictors. It was at first disconcerting, then sort of awesome. While I have no plans to go out and get myself a pet python, I did develop an appreciation for snakes.

Never been a fan of spiders. Ever since I saw the movie Arachnophobia they’ve really freaked me out. It was those eyes. Ugh, so creepy.

4) What is your favorite word?

Megalomaniacal. It’s the first thing that popped into my head. It’s not a word that I’ve used often, but I have managed to work it into a conversation. Not sure what that says about me. I like the word because it’s a bit of a tongue twister, but also because I’m a Pinky and The Brain fan.


5) You’re getting treated to lunch every day for always–but the meal will always be the same. What’s on the menu?

Tough question. There are so many yummy things to eat on a regular basis. I think I’d have to go with a variety of breakfast foods. Pancakes, waffles, omelets, the works. Of course, I’d need dessert too. The Borders near where I went to college used to sell these chocolate coated walnut brownies. Those would have to be included oh and Daiquiri Ice. It’s this sorbet like creation from Baskin Robbins that has lime in it with a hint of rum flavoring. Yum.

RAYNA VAUSE writes stories that mix a little action, a little adventure, and a little paranormal. Her books feature gay andRayna Vause-4096-color-sm straight couples because everyone deserves a happily ever after. A perpetual student, Rayna has collected more degrees and certifications then she cares to admit. She is also a cat lover, a martial artist, a video game enthusiast, a Disney fanatic, and a Pop Tart aficionado.


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