Friday Fun Five

Happy Friday! This week’s guest is Kate McMurray. Thanks, Kate!

To know more about Kate McMurray, check out or see what she’s up to on Twitter (@katemcwriter). Her latest literary triumphs are When the Planets Align and the upcoming Rainbow League series, which are available from Dreamspinner Press.

The Wind Up_FINAL

1) What toy do you remember most fondly from growing up?

I was a child with a short attention span—my mother still jokes that she thought she’d have to hire a circus to keep me from getting bored—so there wasn’t one toy, but I did have maybe 20 Barbies, and those were my favorites. My allowance money was divided pretty evenly between books and Barbie clothes. My Barbies were all fashion-forward and had great hair, and they lived out crazy soap opera stories I made up for them—I mean, they were as soapy as a 9-year-old could come up with. (The Barbie I remember best came wearing this hot pink lace number that was very “Like a Virgin”-era Madonna, because I was a kid in the 80s. I often paired her with ice skater Ken, who came with a sparkly mint green and pink skating costume, and in retrospect, I wonder if he was really all that into Barbie.) I coveted Barbie’s Dream House, but my parents couldn’t afford one, so I built one out of my brother’s Legos, and it was pretty sweet, at least until my brother got mad and took his Legos back.

2) Chocolate or vanilla milkshake?


3) Fifth Avenue or flea market shopping spree?

If money were no object, Fifth Avenue. My super power is that I’m really good at sniffing out sales, though, and I try to dress in a way that looks expensive but isn’t. I’m not really focused on labels except insofar as there are certain designers I like aesthetically. My personal approach to fashion is that I like to wear clothes that make me feel good, so I tend to pick things that fit well with lots of patterns and colors. (I like fashion and shopping, if that was not obvious!) I’ve lucked out at flea markets and clothes swaps too, though; one of my favorite dresses is one I got for free at a clothes swap. So the answer to this question is that it’s kind of a toss up!

4) What is your favorite word?

Well, James Lipton, the first one that came to mind was “pomegranate.” I like a multisyllabic word.

5) If you had one month where you didn’t have to worry about work or money, what would you do?

I’d hop a plane to Europe and spend the month traveling around and looking at art.

Kate McMurray is an award-winning romance author and an unabashed romance fan. When she’s not writing, she works as unnameda nonfiction editor, dabbles in various crafts, and is maybe a tiny bit obsessed with base­ball. She has served as President of Rainbow Romance Writers, the LGBT romance chapter of Romance Writers of America and is currently on the board of RWANYC. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.


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